Hacking in a garden

by nickbalestra On November 11th, 2012

Yesterday after we attended the Nodejs conference in Brescia (http://nodejsconf.it) we joined the node hackathon hosted at the Talent Garden (http://www.talentgarden.it).

The hackathon focuses on real time and node hacking with the aim to create socially helpful stuff!

As we attended the Techcrunch italy event in Rome back in september witnessing  how the voting process was managed (http://bit.ly/Z8SXEB) we said to each other; WTF?! We believe in 2012 voting should be more public, and the process more seamless. So we decided to hack together andthewinner.is (http://www.andthewinner.is) to solve this problem. The idea is pretty simple, a contest is defined by a Twitter #hashtag and @participants to vote, RT counts as well. People should be able to vote via mobile or just via Twitter, and display ranking in real time...that's it :)

Andthewinner.is is not yet open to everybody to be used because of Twitter's API rate limits, but if you are Techcrunch or somebody who just need to organize a realtime voting system like for example for hackathons, startupweekends, ecc. drop us a line : [email protected] or ping us on twitter @beyounic (https://twitter.com/beyounic).

Curious to see it how it looks like? Here you can see two voting contests created during the nodejsconf and its hackathon. 

1) Conference speakers: http://www.andthewinner.is/nodejsconfit

2) Conference hackathon: http://www.andthewinner.is/nodejsconfithack

3) Ongoing contest for xfactor italy tv-program: http://andthewinner.is/xf6italia

4) Pope vs Bieber smackdown (heavyLoad): http://andthewinner.is/popevsbieber

If you are wondering about the tech stack behind the project read @matteoagosti blog post about the tecnology we used for andthewinner.is here: http://bit.ly/We1S8k